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  Here's a Short Video Explaining Why I Wrote "God on Psychedelics"   

Psychonaut Journeys through the Spirit World


Psychedelics and God
with Jeffrey Mishlove


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“We may or may not still call ourselves Christians or Jews. But many of us are creating new kinds of community that employ such spiritual practices as meditation, contemplative prayer, and, yes, even the ingestion of psychedelic drugs and sacred plant medicines, to cultivate a divine presence in this lifetime.” 



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“Don’t mistake God on Psyche-delics: Tripping Across the Rubble of Old-Time Religion for a work of indiscriminate boosterism of LSD, ketamine and otherpsychoactive substances. Though his experiences with consciousness-altering drugs qualify The Chronicle’s former religion reporter as a ‘psychonaut,’ his intelligent and measured book attests that he’s a discerning one.”
— Kevin Canfield in a book review n the San Francisco Chronicle


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New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove. He interviews guest Don Lattin about Don's newest book, God on Psychedelics: Tripping Across the Rubble of Old-time Religion.
Thinking Allowed.
Mishlove is a licensed clinical psychologist and an accomplished radio and television interviewer.

  Don Lattin Discusses his New Book in a Lecture at the California Institute of Integral Studies   A Roadmap for Congregational Tripping   God on Psychedelics?
New Book Explores
Current Trends

Link to 40 min talk and Q&

Some call the divine "God." Others are more comfortable with notions like “cosmic consciousness,” the “ground of being,”or "ultimate reality." In his new book, veteran Bay Area journalist Don Lattin examines how the "psychedelic renais-sance" relates to broader dynamisms in our nation's spiritual and religious landscape.


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“In his new book, God on Psychedelics, Don Lattin, a veteran religion journalist, investigates how some religious groups are encouraging chemically induced revelatory experiences of human interconnectedness and unity.”
— Yonat Shimron, in a Religion News Service Interview with the author

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“One of the threads in 'God on Psychedelics' is Lattin’s deep dive into the growing number of groups using entheogens as their sacrament. Don Lattin knows from religion. For decades he was the 'God beat' reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, writing about all sorts of religious matters.”
— Roberto Loiederman, article in the Jewish Journal



  On Being Psychedelic
and Jewish
  Taileaters “Cosmic Echo” Featured Podcast with
Don Lattin on “Changing
Our Minds” (Link)
  Don Lattin and Dr. Charles Grob Interviewed about Psychedelics and Mental Health on KALW-FM’s
“City Visions” Show
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Richard "Ram Dass" Alpert, the psychedelic crusader and spiritual teacher, liked to quip about how he was "only Jewish on my parents' side." Here's a blog, posted on the "Rebooting Jewish Life" website, that was drawn from a chapter in Don's new book, which includes a long, lost interview he did with Ram Dass.
“Breaking Convention”
Don Lattin Telling Psychedelic Stories in London, England
Psychedelic Revolution – Lillian Holmes interviews Don Lattin




Michael Krasny Interviews
Don Lattin on KQED Forum
Don Discusses “Changing Our Minds” on Santa Cruz Radio Station One of the Better
Newspaper Reviews of “Changing Our Minds”
  Book excerpt: Tripping on Mayan Ruins in the Yucatan
SF Chronicle April 20, 2017
  Rebranding Psychedelics at
the 2017 MAPS Convention
  Alameda Author’s New Book Examines Psychedelic Drugs’ Medical Use  
  Changing Our Lives
an Interview with
Don Lattin

‘Changing Our Minds’ Explores Psychedelic Drugs and Spiritual Healing

  LSD Research  
  Anderson Cooper
  ABC News
    abc news nightline interview      
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  “Two Reasons Why Don Lattin Kept His Day Job”  

Don Sings
“Road House Blues”

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