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Following Our Bliss

Shopping for Faith


Reviews of Following Our Bliss

"It takes an uncommonly discerning and sensitive journalist do document the spiritual character and legacy of an era, and Don Lattin manages to do so with the masterful aplomb in his instructive and highly readable Following Our Bliss."
Arkansas Democrat Gazette

"Much terrific reporting, captivating storytelling, and enjoyable reading…a worthwhile thought-provoking work."
Yoga Journal

"Lattin does not shy away from the sharp edges, the contradictions, the margins of faith…He captures the double vision of religion, always looking forward and backward at the same time."
Washington Post

"Veterans of the 1960s will enjoy Don Lattin’s wide and witty examination of the lingering spiritual impact of drugs, free love, and an often half-crazy cast of gurus who paraded through the United States."
Detroit Free Press

"A very readable and thoughtful book about the generation that came of age during the sixties. While the intervening decades have comprised an incredible journey, few have completely understood it. This book should go a long way in helping to fill this gap."
Orville Schell, dean of the Graduate School of Journalism, U.C. Berkeley


Reviews of Shopping for Faith

"A savvy appreciation of where we are now and where we are heading in the restless search for spiritual truth…To their credit, the authors concern themselves only with an inventory of the spiritual resources that are available, and they make no value judgments about the choices we may make."
Jonathan Kirsch, Los Angeles Times

"Shopping for Faith is as good as it gets in assessing the U.S. religion scene at millennium’s end."
Robert Elwood, emeritus professor of religion, University of Southern California

"Vivid personal stories…capture the transformation of the religious landscape. Religious leaders and scholars would do well to ponder the many pressing questions raised by Cimino and Lattin’s impressive book."
Wade Clark Roof, Christian Century magazine

"A brisk new book by journalists Richard Cimino and Don Lattin…Their chronicle of religion and culture finds an abundance of shopping activity…Cimino and Lattin reach beyond market themes to social issues, culture wars, the search for community and varieties of spirituality…A helpful update.
Religion scholar Martin Marty

"Once in a while, a book comes along that genuinely pins down religion in the United States and persuades the reader the future doesn't’t look so bad. Such a book is Shopping for Faith: American Religion in the New Millennium."
Clark Morphew, St. Paul Pioneer Press

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